Easy to use

CAAT offers a wide range of functions and is still easy to use.
First Steps in CAAT.

Always up-to-date

As web-based software, everyone always works on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and do not affect the daily work.

Step by step guide

Perform accessibility testing in guided steps.

Work quickly

Well thought-out functions relieve you of recurring and organizational tasks.

Multiple test catalogs

CAAT offers a variety of integrated test catalogs (WCAG, EN 301 549, BIT inklusiv)

Create your own test catalogs

Do you have your own requirements or ideas about how to test? Then create your very own and private test catalog.

Working according to WCAG-EM

CAAT offers working according to the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology.

Accessible usability

CAAT is used daily by blind testers.

Report and export

Well structured reports

CAAT generates clearly structured and appealing reports.

Generated automatically

While you are testing, the report is automatically updated and generated.

Simple sharing

Create a share link to your report. Each share link consists of a secure 128-bit hexadecimal string.

Password protected reports

You need more security? Assign an individual password for each report.

Time-controlled depublishing

Nothing is worse than an old report. Enter a date when the report should be depublished.

Export for ticketing systems

Export all errors found as a CSV file. Edit the list in Excel or in a ticket system of your choice. CAAT additionally supports Jira Markdown.

Accessible reports

Our reports are themselves accessible.

Reports in different languages

Write reports in English, French, German or Dutch.

Export as PDF and EPUB

Export the report as an accessible PDF or EPUB.

Document found issues

Issue-oriented reports

Record found issues like a ticket in software development, making it easier for your team to process them.

Rich Text Editor

Make use of the opportunity to write structured texts.

Images in reports

Include screenshots in your error descriptions to locate and clarify the problem.

Source code syntax highlighting

Include source code snippets in reports and highlight important passages.

Markdown-style text input

The text editor supports Markdown. You can enter text by typing Markdown commands or using the Rich Text Editor.

Compatible with LanguageTool

Fix texts directly while you write them. LanguageTool works in all text fields of CAAT.

PDF and video attachments

Add screencasts or PDFs to the report.

For teams and companies

Team collaboration

CAAT offers true collaborative testing. Test simultaneously or sequentially as a team.

Simple user management

Invite new teammates via their email address. Assign one of the roles or set individual usage rights.

Invite external testers

Invite external testers and freelancers. Give them access to specific tests only.

Comments / Notes

Create internal notes and resolve contentious issues as a team.

Data security

Server location in Germany

CAAT is operated on servers in Germany at the Falkenstein data center. Data Security and operation

Server ISO/IEC 27001 certified

The data center is certified according to the internationally recognized standard for information security.

Data protection according to EU-DSGVO

CAAT is data protection compliant according to DSGVO.

SSL encryption

All access to the server and interactions with CAAT are encrypted via SSL.

Get to know CAAT 
in a free online demonstration

We are happy to give you a short 45 minutes demo of mindscreen CAAT. You will learn all the important information about CAAT and how the software can make your everyday testing easier.