Update Notes
September 7 2023

7. September 2023

In this update, a few minor usability improvements were made. For example, it is now possible to delete a found error directly in the editing screen.

The most important innovation concerns the function to import issues from automated audit results from axe-core and qualweb. Automated test results are first imported, and the auditor can decide in each case whether the individual test result should be adopted as an issue. Texts and code notes from the automated audit report can be transferred.
This function is still in the development stage; however, it can already be tested. To use the function, it must first be activated under "Feature preview". 

Changelog 2023-09-07

  • New: CAATS-151 add button to delete issue in issue-editor
  • New: CAAT-965 enable filtering test-view by samples (experimental feature)
  • New: CAAT-615 enable importing issues from other sources (experimental feature)
  • Bugfix: CAAT-1161 communicate expiration date of password-reset requests
  • Bugfix: CAAT-1231 prevent jumping layouts in checkpoint-navigation